“I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to be.”   Carl Jung

The Phoenix

I’m often asked why I chose the Phoenix to represent my practice. This beautiful bird is represented in many different cultures, each one having its own spin on the meaning of the Phoenix, however, no matter which cultural spin you apply, there is a common theme and is a powerful symbol that most commonly represents hope, rebirth, strength, renewal, resilience and transformation.

According to Greek mythology, the Phoenix is an eternal, spectacular and beautiful bird with colourful plumage. As legend would have it, the Phoenix made a nest from cyprus branches and while lying in it, created a lot of heat, set itself on fire and died. After three days, the Phoenix emerged, rising from its ashes as a stronger, more beautiful, eternal version of itself. 

After my marriage of 25 years failed, I had to take a good long hard look at my life and my personal goals. I had forgotten who I was as a person beyond my roles as a wife, mother and caregiver to elderly parents. It felt as though I had lost my identity. What followed was an exciting and sometimes painful journey that led me to evolve into the person that I am today. The Phoenix resonated with me as my personal symbol of strength, personal transformation and rebirth and as such I decided on a tattoo which would serve as a constant reminder of how far I had come. The heart that is at the centre of the Phoenix represents the fundamental value of “self-love” and my heart-centred approach to therapy. I felt that logo was befitting for my business branding due to its powerful symbolic meanings that are central to my embodied theme of rebirth.

Let me walk your journey with you to offer you hope, healing, transformation and strength to live the life that you deserve.     

In Hope and Healing…

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